Monday, April 17, 2017

Gatsby Ch .9

Jay is dead, and the only one who cares is Nick. In this chapter it is interesting to see Nick reflect on his experiences with New York and who he is and who he once was. I expected most of the events in this chapter to happen but the thing I didn't see coming was the lack of Daisy (and even Tom) at Gatsby's funeral. She claimed to love him but didn't even come? Why? Its because she is absurdly selfish. Many referred to her as a "gold digger" but I don't think she is. She claimed to love and have loved Gatsby as well as Tom. But to be honest I don't think a person like that is capable of love. I don't think she loves anything or anyone, she does whatever she feels like is important to do and doesn't look back.

But I do believe that her character is one that we aren't supposed to like or connect to. She is the one and only cause for all the death and sadness in this book and she doesn't care. If only others could have see how horrible she really was, before it was too late.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Gatsby Ch. 8

A pattern in this chapter is that Gatsby's death was considered "death by fire". The way I see it is that death by fire means that it was some type of trial. And I think that the trial is that Gatsby was taking a huge risk with what he was doing with Daisy and that maybe his luck had run out.

I don't think that Gatsby deserved what he got. Besides the fact that he didn't kill Wilsons wife but Gatsby was ready to take the blame for Daisy. At the same time Jay took that risk form the start.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Gatsby Ch. 7

In this chapter a lot happens. The main point of the chapter was for the group to find an excuse to go somewhere else and confront the issues that everyone clearly sees. This was the time Gatsby was looking for to tell Tom that he loves Daisy and she loves him, not Tom.

The beginning of the chapter was a bit odd and very awkward because there was this very clear tension between Jay, Daisy and Tom. It was also very weird for Nick and Jordan because they weren't really involved but are still in the middle of it. When they go to the apartment were Tom was having his affairs the tension became tem times worse. All of them were in this small apartment and the "small talk" was very odd. Tom was pretty much only talking to Jay the whole time. He asked about his early life and the man that he used to be before. Jay would answer but the questions just kept coming  which led the reader to believe that Tom was asking all these because he was about to call out Jay for what he's been doing with Daisy. Then things really start to get bad when Jay tells Tom that Daisy doesn't and never did, love him. With a lot of yelling Daisy leaves the apartment and Jay goes after her and they drove home. Fitzgerald makes us think that on the way home that Jay ran over Myrtle but we learn that it was Daisy who was driving. He tells Nick the truth but says that he wants people to think it was him because he doesn't want Daisy to have to deal with that.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gatsby Ch. 6

Jay and Daisy. There is this force that draws them together so they may never be apart. In this chapter Nick really learns about Gatsby, whos name isn't even Gatsby. We learn that Jay wants Daisy to leave Tom so that they can be together. Daisy's emotions are all over the place in this chapter. With all that's going on she is being torn apart between two men. Only I don't believe she REALLY loves Tom. I think that she is happier with Jay than she has been in a long time. But she feels that it isn't right to leave Tom like this, even though she has been lying to him for some time now.

I would have thought that Jay would want to stay as far away from Tom as he can but to Nicks surprise they are together in this chapter without Daisy. He tells Tom that he knows Daisy but not to the extent that he actually does. I wondered a lot if Tom suspected anything was going on. Maybe that's why they were together, to put off a sense that nothings happening.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Gatsby Ch. 5

I'm interested to know about how Gatsby really feels not only around Daisy but just around people in general. Gatsby pretty much took over Nick's house to make Daisy's arrival over the top. In this chapter it's pretty clear that he cares about what Daisy thinks about him after all these years. When she comes in Gatsby gets scared and leaves through the window into the rain. Then he comes around front and comes in through the front door soaking wet. I think what happened is he got scared and left but then got the courage to come back and see her.

Why did he get "cold feet"?
Why does Nick agree to all this?
Does Nick know about Gatsby's intentions?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Gatsby Ch. 4

In this chapter we learn a lot about Gatsby. But what's actually true and what's false is still a mystery. Gatsby picks up Nick and they go to lunch. As they drive to go to lunch Jay tells Nick all about himself and where he came from. To prove that he was in the army he takes out a medal that he won with his name on it.

He learns that Jay told Jordan to tell Nick to set up a private meeting with Daisy because they used to be together and he wants to reconnect. Jay seems sort of desperate for this meeting and he needs Nick to do it for him. Nick agrees and they start to plan it out.

Who is Daisy to Jay?
Why does Nick agree?
What will Tom think?
Is Nick just being used?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Gatsby Ch. 2

Tom and Nick are together on a train. In this chapter it seems like they're friends but Nick acts like he doesn't like Tom that much so that kind of confuses me. At this point in the book I think I understand Tom pretty well, but I am still trying to figure Nick out. I think he is a very genuine person and doing the things that Tom wants to do with him makes him uncomfortable. In the hotel room he was definitely not okay with the drinking but was still made to do that stuff because Tom peer pressured him.

How does Nick feel about Tom?
Where is Daisy? Why isn't she with them?
Does Tom feel guilty?